Rudolph seeks to minimize the negative impacts and acts in such a way as to continually improve its environmental conditions.

The issue of respect for and sustainable use of natural resources is not only one of Rudolph´s concerns since the beginning of the company, it is our belief and in our DNA. Currently, in a total area of over 170 thousand m², over 30% of this area is protected by APPs, (Permanent Protection areas for native Atlantic rainforest).


Currently, Rudolph has introduced a process to comply with all Brazilian environmental legislations, whether municipal, state, or federal. This is only possible due to the following factors:


- Countless investment in the control and treatment of wastewater generated from its industrial processes and sanitation.
- Continuous focus on reducing the use of natural resource;
- Awareness campaigns for the Employees, as they are the vital success factor for this process and must incorporate this know-how as citizens and as members of their families.



Contributing to the building of a community that gets better and better.

Since 2009, Rudolph has maintained an Environmental Management System acknowledged and approved by the ISO 14001:2004 standard, as this reinforces the commitment to the environment and concern in using available natural resources, thus generating the minimum possible impact. The adopted procedures for management, recovery and disposal of waste ensure healthy conditions for Employees, the Community at large and service providers in preventing pollution. It is Rudolph’s commitment to minimize adverse impacts so as to continuously improve its environmental conditions, also concerned with its Suppliers, so that they have equally adequate practices.


Rudolph seeks to mitigate the negative impacts and acts in the best possible way to continuously improve its environmental conditions, concerning itself with any possible impact to the community and guiding their Suppliers so that their practices are equally adequate. Among these actions, we can highlight the industrial and sanitary waste treatment, management of generated waste products, and making its Employees and service providers continually aware of pollution prevention.

Semana da Qualidade

Ocorre anualmente, com o objetivo de tratar tópicos de qualidade e meio ambiente. A parte ambiental é voltada para Colaboradores e Comunidade, são apresentados projetos de melhorias e conscientização do consumo, descarte e recuperação de recursos naturais

Tratamento de Efluentes

A Rudolph possui sistemas de tratamento de efluente industrial e sanitário, garantindo o retorno adequado do recurso (água).

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