Quality Tools are used as the basis for compliance and process development.
Rudolph is known for its robust quality management system, ranging from the thorough application of standards, to the utilization of quality tools as a basis for the continuous improvement of its processes.

Currently, certified according to the ISOTS16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards, Rudolph complies with all specified Customer requirements, having achieved an approval rating above 95% in these audits.

The focus on continuous improvement towards total quality, backed by an engineering team to ensure top-quality products/processes to the customer.
Our Customers have an active role in the development of new products/processes, developing FMEAs and suggesting changes seeking quality improvements and cutting down final costs.
At our Suppliers, the actions are focused on the development and use of quality tools, thus promoting increased competitiveness and the assurance of better product performance


Rudolph has a large laboratory equipped with instruments for measuring coordinates and shapes, as well as a process for developing special gauges for meeting the needs of critical processes.

5S Program

Rudolph has used this tool since 1991, for the purpose of cutting down on waste and improving its Employees´ quality of life and the performance of the company processes. The program is continually intensified by a group of internal auditors to guarantee enhanced results year after year.


Quality Control Circle. This program seeks to develop teamwork, to benefit the employees, company, and the community at large. QCC also increases the Employees´ motivation and self-fulfillment, by giving them the opportunity to participate in solving company problems and bringing enhancements to the company. On average, there is a 55% participation among the employees every month, developing environmental enhancements as well as in 5S, safety and security, processes and innovation.



Rudolph Supplier Manual

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